About us...



Welcome to Dainty Dulcie... ( Dul - see) 

I always enjoy reading about the face or faces behind other businesses, so felt it was only fair to share my own. 

I’m Simone, but almost everyone calls me Sim.

I am a mum of four little ones. Campbell (7) Winifred (4) Sullivan (1) and Paterson (freshly baked!)  The best job in the world!! 

I live in the beautiful Hunter Valley with my husband Adam, we have been married for just over 10 years! 

By nature I am a very simplistic person and a country girl at heart, growing up in a small country town, Gunnedah NSW.

I am all for simple pleasures, spending time in nature, being humble, and working hard. 

I wanted to create pieces that were easy to wear, pretty but not ostentatious, and of a superior quality to what you might find in other retail stores.

Clips that your little girls ask to wear every morning, that don’t pull or hurt, and don’t fall out whilst playing.

Here Dainty Dulcie was born. 

All of the styles you see on my website have been carefully custom designed by me. They are all also hand finished personally, so that I can assure the absolute highest quality.

2021 has been a year of exponential growth for Dainty Dulcie, we have expanded our range to over 100 beautiful wholesalers Australia wide.

We are now also proud to be stocked in Canada, the UK, America, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. 

A huge thank you to those who have supported me and my brand, especially my wonderful wholesalers for giving my small business a chance to grow!! 

I hope you love my clips are much as I do! 

Simone x